Teacher no more now what??

So my leave is almost up and it’s time to make a decision. One thing I’ve learned during this recent depression episode is that my body knows when it’s time for a change and will not let me stay somewhere I am not meant to be. When I am not happy in a situation the world knows it.

If I think back to other episodes of depression, I realize that they too were signals. They were trying to tell me a change had to be made. And with each episode the voice got louder and louder.

I heard you depression and I agree that it’s time to go but where? Where do you go with a degree in Education? How do I get to travel the world and earn money at the same time? I thought perhaps a flight attendant but what are the chances of getting a job like that? Doesn’t everyone want that job. I applied where I could but lots of the companies don’t seem to even advertise these positions. Southwest Airlines give me a call, would ya?? I would be one of those funny flight attendants that would make everyone laugh and enjoy their flights that much more (and I wouldn’t burp into the microphone intentionally).

I thought about working on a cruise ship?? I could work with the children. Ultimately, I could be a performer in an on board kid’s show. There is nothing better than capturing kids with a story or making them laugh my ridiculous jokes and silly movements. Again, I applied and am waiting to hear (how long should I hold my breath??).

Any other suggestions other than marrying rich?? I am already married to a wonderful man who doesn’t speak a word of English (if you knew my father, you would understand). And I don’t speak a word of Spanish so it is a match made in heaven. 5 years and not a fight yet (that I could tell).


About amysmidlifemess

Trying to think of something funny or deep to describe myself. I got nothing.. My nest is now empty leaving lots of stones unturned. I'm searching, I'm seeking. I'm sad and I'm weeping.
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