Hello from my IPod!

So Handy Manny (my sweet non English speaking husband) is back in town. Why do I call him Handy Manny you might ask ( okay you could probably care less if u have even read this far)? Years ago ,our town was hit by a hurricane that wasn’t supposed to be all that bad. It ended up ripping a huge awning loose from the back of my house causing the house to shake each time it slammed down. I was divorced at the time and my daughter wanted to stay at her fathers house during the storm ( probably cause it was bigger). So my dog who hours later ran away never to be seen again (cant say i blamed him)and I ended up hunkered down in a hallway. It was through my fear and tears that I decided I no longer wanted to be alone. I asked the universe for a sweet and caring man . He didn’t have to be rich or strikingly handsome just a good human being. Only, I forgot to add Handy.


About amysmidlifemess

Trying to think of something funny or deep to describe myself. I got nothing.. My nest is now empty leaving lots of stones unturned. I'm searching, I'm seeking. I'm sad and I'm weeping.
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