This Stuff!


This stuff, this stuff

I can’ t take all this stuff.

Cant you see

all this stuff is killing us.

We’re drowning in it,

we’re never satisfied,

we cling to it.

It becomes more valuable than people.

We hold on for dear life

until one day 

all the struggles the strife

are gone 

and there’s only

stuff to carry on. 

We let it build up around us

A wall to keep us safe

but this isn’t safety

this is stuff.

It clutters our house,

our minds,

our relationships.

You can go

but don’t take my stuff.

My stuff will keep me safe.

It will keep them away. 

Until the day

when my stuff overtakes me.

The stuff will succeed.

I’ll be dead indeed.


About amysmidlifemess

Trying to think of something funny or deep to describe myself. I got nothing.. My nest is now empty leaving lots of stones unturned. I'm searching, I'm seeking. I'm sad and I'm weeping.
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