Too old to run away?

How old is too old to run away? I’ve been feeling much better lately however I still have to fight the urge to run away. I had applied to work on a cruise ship as a youth counselor ( I know I know but how else can I see the world??) and had forgotten about it until I received an email yesterday asking what languages I speak(English and a few Spanglish words). I became so excited, I answered immediately and started planning my escape. I researched what life on a ship would be like. I told Handy Manny that I was leaving but would be back in four months. Perhaps I jumped the gun being that they were probably just updating my info but one has to be ready for such things.
In an airport not too long ago i met a woman that was on her way home from Alaska. I guess all those villages that the cruise ships stop in need workers each season. She worked in a old time saloon reinacting life from way back. She said some women played madams who wore bustiers and flirted with all the male patrons but she didn’t do that. She ran around in black sweeping or something. Not sure flirting or sweeping is my strength but I’m awful good at faking so maybe Alaska is calling my name??
Ohh then there are the airlines. Still waiting for that call, another way to see the world that beckons me.



About amysmidlifemess

Trying to think of something funny or deep to describe myself. I got nothing.. My nest is now empty leaving lots of stones unturned. I'm searching, I'm seeking. I'm sad and I'm weeping.
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2 Responses to Too old to run away?

  1. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    North to Alaska! I’m packing my bags full of bustiers!

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