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A Viewing to Remember…

Grumpy Gram’s viewing was quite an interesting affair. She looked absolutely beautiful in the most beautiful dress I have ever seen her wear. There were quite a few people in attendance.I knew that my morbidly obese mother and Asshole Father … Continue reading

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Grandma Smith

I went to see my 90-year-old grandmother today. How sweet you say? Well not exactly. I haven’t seen her in years. She is my (asshole) father’s mother and always made it her mission to let us know we were an embarrassment. … Continue reading

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How Sweet Can He Be?

How sweet can he be? Always thinking of me. I love him so much his tenderness and touch. He’s the man I had always asked for Though it took me a while to see. How can someone be so selfless … Continue reading

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You’re Gone

The signs were there. Why couldn’t I care enough to lend a hand? Why couldn’t you just be a man? I’m angry, it’s true so very angry at you. You left me alone to do this job. I feel as … Continue reading

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What is a Sibling?

Do you consider your siblings to be only your blood relatives? When I think of what a sibiling is, I think of someone who picks you up when you fall, stands by you when need them, and defends you til the end. … Continue reading

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Divorce could of helped

So you may or may not have picked up on the fact that Dad wasn’t always the best father but is anyone perfect anyway? Well he was probably an even worse husband. I can’t tell you how many times he … Continue reading

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